Meet Bandit

Hello! My name is Bandit, also known as Bandito the Puppito. I am a rescue dog living in beautiful Salem, Oregon. I spend my days lounging in my rocking chair, soaking up the sun, keeping a look out for neighborhood shenanigans, going on adventures and getting cuddles from my parents.

But life wasn’t always this easy.

I spent my first two years in shelters in California, dreaming of being adopted. Because many people don’t understand dogs who look like me, I was placed on the top of a list of dogs who would be put to sleep.

Thankfully, a rescue group in Oregon found me and brought me here, where I was fostered and soon met my humans, Natalie and Josh! They showed me that a loving home includes lots of food, fun, playtime and snuggles.

I want kids to know pit bull type dogs like me are caring pups just looking for happy homes. That’s why we’ve decided to share my story in our new children’s book “Bandito the Puppito Dreams of a Home” (Bandito el Perrito Sueña con un Hogar).

This book not only tells the story of how I was adopted, but it helps other pets in need by donating ALL proceeds to the nonprofit Born Again Pit Bull Rescue.

The book will be available soon, but why wait!? Send us an email to get on the pre-order list today.

Thanks for reading and sharing your love of rescue animals with me and the world.



(AKA Bandito the Puppito, Bubba, Bubs, Sweat Pea and Snuggle Butt)