Meet the team

Natalie Pate


Natalie Pate is a full-time journalist and first-time children’s book writer. She’s so happy her first title is about her beloved dog, Bandit. She’s donating 100% of the profits because she’s seen the incredible work animal rescues do and wants to support them any way she can.

Natalie loves spending time with her amazing family (furry members included, of course), friends, and husband. She can also be found exploring, writing songs on her guitar, and guzzling gallons of hot chocolate. She dedicated this book to all the dogs she’s been lucky enough love. Here’s to you Annie, Aspen, Thunder, Tiffany, Buddy, Carl, Duke, Dasher, Tramp, Nesh and Bandit.

Marcela Ramirez


Marcela Ramirez is an illustrator and designer based in Portland, Oregon. Whether she’s drawing, painting, knitting or making music, Marcela is always passionately creating. She may also be found spending free time curled up in a coffee shop, laughing with her family or caring for her plants.

Marcela loves animals dearly. She and her husband, Benny, hope to adopt a sweet doggy or kitty someday soon. While she does not currently have a pet, Marcela would like to dedicate these illustrations to her family’s late puppy, Cosmo. 

Reneé M Jaime


Reneé Jaime is the interpreter for the Bandito the Puppito children’s books. Reneé has worked in higher education for almost 12 years and enjoys interpreting for the Hispanic community. She is also a medical interpreter and enjoys volunteering at a pet shelter once a month.

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